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Rehoboth Full Gospel Church
Rev. Lenora Alston,
Deacon and Deaconess Bellamy
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Deaconess Ministry
Serving God thru serving others.
The mission of the Deaconesses Ministry of Rehoboth Full Gospel is to assist the Pastor by working in ministering to the needs of the overall congregation and community. We should be grounded in our Heavenly Father to give sound Christian doctrine specifically to women, children, elderly, and those in distress - with loving kindness and sympathy. 
The deaconesses of Rehoboth Full Gospel Ministry are focused on our commitment to serving God, and all mankind, as the Holy Spirit directs.
Goals & Objectives 

To diligently study God’s Word
To assist the Pastor
To minister to females, children, and those in distress
To visit the sick and help as needed
To prepare the commune supper
To prepare female candidates for baptism
To participate in church ministries
To follow the VISION of the PASTOR
 Deaconess Donna Bellamy
The Seven Churches of Revelations Deaconess Program
Awesome Holy spiritual program, God blessed Rehoboth with 7 dynamic speakers; many thanks to all who showed up for a high impacted program. What can I say about the mistress of ceremony Sis Montreal Ravenel “ you are one beautiful woman of God”, thank you, for taking the time out from your busy schedule join us.
Deaconess Bellamy, Deaconess Fields, Sis Smith, Deaconess Roper, Sis Heyward, Sis Bevins, Deaconess Murray (not pictured) and mistress of ceremony Sis Ravenel (not pictured)
Pastor Nancy Faden-solid Rock Christian Fellowship, Sis Gloria Geddis- Musician, Pastor Lenora Alston Rehoboth Full Gospel Church